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Iceland is one of the world's most exotic destinations, but there are always lots of flights to Iceland, which many people also use for business. Strange landscapes, and central heating supplied by the hot natural geysers make Iceland a different place indeed, and although many people visit every year, it's expensive which means cheap flights to Iceland can be a welcome addition to any journey itinerary.

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At just a few flying hours north from many European destinations, Iceland also makes a great short break holiday. However, there's lots of different things to see and do. Natural wonders, modern buildings, and some culturally fascinating facts all make Iceland popular, and here's a few ideas to help inspire:

  • The 'Golden Circle' encompasses ancient seats of government, natural wonders and a geyser all in one drive!
  • A visit to the 'Gulfoss waterfall' is spectacular.
  • Go to a concert in the 'Harpa' a striking modern building used for events and conferences.
  • The island of 'Viðey' has archaeological remains form the 10th century, which are interesting.
  • Make a special trip too see the northern lights - Great for a celebratory trip like an anniversary.
Also, do takes some time to drive around the island, as the landscape is quite often startling and beautiful. Also, try a famous outside bath in one of the hot geysers, which is very good for the health!However, be warned, anything imported, like alcohol, can be very expensive, which is another good reason to search out some cheap flights to Iceland before you book any excursions. Hotels are good, so try hotels in Iceland for some good deals. Also try to stay in town centres, as a lot of the great modern buildings and sculptures Iceland is known for, are in the city centre.

All flights to Iceland arrive in Iceland International Airport, but here you can also get connecting flights to local areas elsewhere. Due to the weather and the distances, car hire of a very good idea, so take a look at car hire in Iceland for some neat car hire deals.

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