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Ireland is considered one of the top countries to visit in the world and hundreds of international flights to Ireland land every day. It is a country that offers visitors a taste of interesting history, a rich modern culture and incredible hospitality. And with so many cheap flights to Ireland on offer, it is possible to enjoy the melding of old and new which is modern Ireland.

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Ireland’s rich history and natural beauty presents itself everywhere you go and this is a big part of what makes the country so appealing. Lovely traditional customs, exquisite coastlines, fairy tale like natural parks and wonderful historic attractions are just some of the things you will experience. So search for cheap flights to Ireland with us today and several of the many amazing sights you can enjoy on your trip could include:

  • The Titanic museum in Cobh. Here you can experience talking holograms, footage from the film, and videos and rides that depict the ship’s doomed history.
  • Trinity College is a must see as the university campus is praised for its beautiful Georgian architecture and wonderful gardens.
  • Bru na Bóinne is an immense Neolithic necropolis of tombs found in Co Meath. It is both eerie and an amazing achievement of prehistoric mankind.
  • The Giant’s Causeway in Co Antrim should not be missed. The natural interlocking basalt columns look like they were created by some ancient giant.

If you are looking for a hotel in Ireland you are bound to find some lovely varieties to choose from that accommodate single travellers, couples and families. From quaint storybook hotels in small villages, to outstanding accommodation in seaside and city locations, you are sure to find the right fit to meet your needs for a great stay in this lovely country.

Flights to Ireland land at many different international airports throughout the country. The public transport system is good, with buses, trams and taxies, but these follow strict schedules and if you want to enjoy the many sites and travel to different locations at your own pace and leisure, then using car hire Ireland services is a good option.

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