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Our search engine compares the cheapest vehicles on the market in Barcelona from all offers made by tour operators and renters.

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Barcelona has an excellent infrastructure network that allows you to roam the city peacefully. Let yourself be guided by the GPS and enjoy the scenery where you'll discover local wonders in the serenity of your own rental. Trust us, what are you waiting for?

Cheapest car rental offers for Barcelona

Pick-up Price Partner
Barcelona From 22-03-2019 to 24-03-2019 Search date 3 days ago 3 €/day
Barcelona From 17-06-2019 to 26-06-2019 Search date 8 days ago 7 €/day
Barcelona From 15-08-2019 to 20-08-2019 Search date 12 days ago 8 €/day
Barcelona From 18-02-2019 to 22-02-2019 Search date 5 days ago 10 €/day
Barcelona From 19-09-2019 to 26-09-2019 Search date Yesterday 10 €/day

Check out the latest deals to rent a car in Spain

Pick-up Price Partner
Alicante From 18-02-2019 to 24-02-2019 Search date Yesterday 7 €/day
Málaga From 03-08-2019 to 10-08-2019 Search date 8 days ago 12 €/day
Corvera - Region of Murcia From 02-03-2019 to 09-03-2019 Search date 2 days ago 3 €/day
Ibiza From 22-02-2019 to 01-03-2019 Search date 3 days ago 1 €/day
Badajoz - Talavera La Real From 17-06-2019 to 23-06-2019 Search date 4 days ago 28 €/day
Tenerife - South From 16-04-2019 to 03-05-2019 Search date 5 days ago 11 €/day
La Coruña - La Coruna From 15-07-2019 to 14-08-2019 Search date 7 days ago 26 €/day
Madrid From 24-02-2019 to 09-03-2019 Search date Yesterday 2 €/day
Palma de Mallorca From 14-08-2019 to 21-08-2019 Search date 7 days ago 13 €/day
Reus From 21-06-2019 to 01-07-2019 Search date 8 days ago 6 €/day

Your rental car is waiting for you at Barcelona. Enjoy the comfort of your vehicle as you explore every nook and cranny of the city.

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